Are Kefir Grains Alive?

are kefir grains alive

Kefir grains seem to be a true miracle of nature. They are able to preserve and enhance the taste of milk while also growing and multiplying at the same time. But, what are they exactly made of, and are kefir grains actually alive? Kefir grains are in fact live microorganisms. They are a symbiotic culture … Read more

Why Is My Kefir Bitter?

why kefir bitter

Kefir is one of the most delicious and probiotic-rich drinks out there. I like to drink mine just before bed to get a really relaxed good-night sleep. But lately my kefir started tasting kind of bitter and I wondered why. So, I did some research, and here is why kefir tastes bitter: Bitter kefir is … Read more

Should Kefir Be Chunky?

should kefir be chunky

Kefir comes in thick and thin just like the human body. Some prefer chunky kefir others the thinner and runnier type. When I first started fermenting I thought I was doing something wrong when my kefir turned out lumpy and chunky. But, should kefir be chunky? It is completely normal for kefir to be slightly … Read more

Is Kefir Low FODMAP?

is kefir low fodmap

Kefir has become one of the most popular fermented milk drinks. FODMAP has also emerged as a helpful diet especially for people with IBS. Perhaps, you have started a low FODMAP diet and wonder if kefir is compatible. So, is kefir low FODMAP? Kefir is generally considered low FODMAP. The lactose content – which causes … Read more

Why Is Kefir Fizzy?

why is kefir fizzy

The fizziness is one of my favorite things about kefir. But when first starting out fermenting milk you might think you have done it wrong. Don’t worry, fizzy kefir is completely normal but why is kefir fizzy? When kefir grains are added to milk the microorganisms in the kefir grains start digesting the lactose in … Read more