10 Best Kombucha Brands: Raw, Natural & Healthy

Kombucha is well-known as a healthy, probiotic-filled beverage that only does our body favors. With these kinds of benefits and great taste to top it off, anyone could easily turn into a hardcore ‘booch fan. But did you know that not all kombucha brands are created equal? 

The biggest difference to know about is raw vs. pasteurized kombucha. When kombucha is pasteurized, it is heated to a temperature that kills all bacteria in an attempt to kill any “bad” bacteria that may have contaminated the batch during the production process. This eliminates most (if not all) of the healthy probiotic bacteria that people purchase it for in the first place.

Raw kombucha, on the other hand, is made through a process in which bacteria are never killed off by a high temperature. This is the traditional way of making it, and kombucha made this way will produce healthy, safe-to-consume cultures of probiotic bacteria that carry all the health benefits you seek (as long as it’s properly handled.)

There are a couple of other factors that go into making a good natural kombucha, like organic or non-GMO types. In this article, I’m going to be letting you in on the healthiest and tastiest natural kombucha brands so you can rest easy and get your ‘booch on. 

The Famous Friend: Try GT’s Synergy Kombucha

GT produces perhaps the most popular kombucha on the market. GT, the creator himself, has actually been featured in a couple of viral YouTube videos about his kombucha brand and lifestyle (he has a refrigerator filled with kombucha only.) 

His Synergy kombucha is entirely raw, organic, and unpasteurized. The kombucha cultures ferment in small batches for 30 days, and contain organic acids and natural enzymes that support healthy gut flora and promote immune health (did you know that a majority of your immune system is located in your gut?)

The best part about GT’s, in my opinion, is the flavor. He offers a myriad of delicious flavors for customers to choose from, and his kombuchas are not overly sweet. His flavors are also very true to taste. If you bought his ‘Guava Goddess,’ for instance, you can be sure you’re going to taste that guava. GT’s is the perfect brand for beginners and hardcore fans alike. 

GT’s kombucha can be found at most any grocer, but flavors like this Guava Goddess are also available on Amazon for fresh delivery (if you have a grocer that carries it nearby). 

Humm Kombucha: All Benefits, No Detriments

Humm kombucha is a great brand that ensures its kombucha is made with organic teas, organic cane sugar, and organic fruit juices. It’s also raw and unpasteurized.

Humm uses an “innovative, patent-pending fermentation process called FIP,” which ensures product consistency, low alcohol content, and healthy microbial cultures.

They have an incredible range of flavors to choose from, but their most popular flavors are their lemon ginger flavor and mango passionfruit. You can find them at pretty much any grocer that carries kombucha, too (yay!). This is another brand available for delivery on Amazon Fresh as well, but you can also purchase flavor variety packs on Amazon, too. 

Health-Ade Kombucha Has Endless Health Certifications

Which is what you’d expect with a brand named Health-Ade, right?

Health-Ade kombucha is certified organic, raw, non-GMO, vegan, and gluten free (wow). Their kombucha, like GT’s, is made in small batches in glass bottles with cold-pressed flavors. They ensure their kombucha is made by hand, in the “old-school” way. 

Compared to other kombucha brands, it’s low in sugar (an average of 12 grams per bottle), but the flavors satisfy even the sweet-craving ‘booch fans. The original flavor and ginger lemon do well on the market. Find Health-Ade’s Ginger Lemon flavor on Amazon Fresh.

High Country Kombucha is Made in the Mountains

Following the belief that kombucha cultures flourish at higher altitudes, all High Country Kombucha is made in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado in amber bottles, which protect the cultures from harmful UV rays. They are 100% raw and certified organic, vegan, gluten-free, and they’re fair-trade certified. Not a whole lot of room to ask for more, huh?

They have the lowest sugar content of any kombucha on this list, at an average of 4g per bottle. Therefore, this kombucha might not be right for readers with a sweet-tooth, but sugar-conscious or bitter-enjoying readers should absolutely grab a bottle of this to try. 

They have all kinds of unique flavors to taste, but I recommend giving their Chai Spice a try. They are not available on Amazon but can be found on Instacart in participating locations.

B-Tea Kombucha is the Sustainable Choice

B-Tea Kombucha is another great certified organic, raw kombucha brand with relatively low sugar content. They stick to the traditional method of kombucha production- zero pasteurization.

One of the things I like most about this brand is that they are dedicated to supporting sustainable organic farming practices. While a lot of other raw kombucha brands focus on the health benefits only, B-Tea has expressed their dedication to environmentally-friendly practices, which couldn’t be more important today.

They have six flavors listed on their website, and they aren’t available on Amazon. But if you have a Target near you, you can pick their products up in person, or purchase a variety pack online on Target’s website. 

A Brew Dr. Kombucha a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

This brand is a favorite of nutritionists, and for good reason.

Brew Dr. kombucha is a 100% raw organic kombucha brand that only uses natural teas and flavors. They use loose-leaf tea blends and their alcohol is “gently removed and repurposed for biofuel.” What a pleasant surprise! 

My favorite feature about this kombucha brand is that some of their flavors are named for the desired effect it will have on you.

 They do have regular flavors like ‘Island Mango,’ but they also have CBD-infused flavors from their ‘Tranquil’ line and caffeinated kombucha in their ‘Uplift’ line. A bottle of ‘Herbal Uplift” contains 130mg of caffeine- more than a cup of coffee, and a healthy way to start the day. 

Find their ‘Herbal Uplift’ flavor on Amazon here

Wild Kombucha is the Kombucha for Northerners

Wild Kombucha, made by MobTown Fermentation, is a raw and organic kombucha tea brand that is currently a regional company based in Maryland. 

If you’re based in the Maryland, Massachusetts, or New York regions, you can find this in stores or available for delivery online. Try their upbeet flavor for the health benefits of natural beet mixed with apple, ginger, and lime to balance out the taste! 

Trader Joe’s Kombucha Lives Up to the Trader Joe’s Name

As if we needed another reason to love Trader Joe’s, am I right?

Trader Joe’s kombucha is another low-sugar kombucha brand that is certified organic. While there isn’t any information on whether or not their kombucha is raw, we can assume it likely is due to the “perishable, keep refrigerated” 

They have three flavors- Green, Mango, and Pomegranate Hibiscus. Visit your local Trader Joe’s and pick up one of these to try!

Holy Crap, Holy Kombucha is Great!

Holy Kombucha is another great kombucha brand that is both raw and organic. 

Their brand is also dedicated to helping philanthropic organizations end modern-day slavery, the human trafficking of women and children. If you buy Holy Kombucha, you’re helping to support this mission. 

My favorite aspect of this brand is its adorable packaging with fun flavors. Try their Blood Orange flavor for a unique, citrusy twist! They can be found at grocery stores near you, check out their website to find places to locate Holy Kombucha near your zip code. 

Support a Small Craft Kombucha Business with Forage Kombucha

Forage Kombucha is a craft Kombucha company made by two friends in Madison, WI. Their kombucha is not pasteurized and is made with the highest quality organic teas and ingredients.

All of their kombuchas are made in cans with beautiful floral designs, and while the creators prefer the natural taste of unflavored kombucha, they offer plenty of flavored kombucha options as well. 

You can only find this in person if you live in the Wisconsin area, but you can purchase cases of their kombucha online (and you’d be helping to support a small business!). Shipping differs depending on location, so give their website a visit to see what rates are available to you. You can also purchase cases of their products through Amazon

Kombucha is a fantastic beverage that offers unparalleled health benefits- but only if you know where to look. I hope I’ve helped you discover the healthiest, purest kombucha brands to give a try, and what makes a kombucha brand better than others. Enjoy your ‘booch! 

“Kombucha, Health-Ade,” by JeepersMedia is licensed under CC BY 2.0


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