FoodFermented.com is a collection of gifted experts and authors passionate about the powers of food. Marvin Allen (a highly passionate and talented fermenting foodie) created this website in hopes of sharing the impact that fermented foods have made on his life.

Marvin eventually sold this website to a group of passionate creators who aspire to carry on his vision and share knowledge to others.

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A note from the original website creator:

“Hi, I’m Marvin!
In early 2019 I started fermenting sauerkraut, kefir, and kombucha and noticed the incredible health benefits that came with it. I was less irritated, had fewer allergies, and my skin got better.
I started this blog to share how fermented foods have helped me and how simple they are to prepare!
Look around and see what speaks to you, and all the best on your fermentation journey!