Delicious Tempeh Spring Rolls Recipe

These tempeh spring rolls are fresh and easy to make! We first start off by marinating the tempeh in a sweet, salty, and nutty combination. To give the roll more texture, we keep Vietnamese tradition by including rice noodles and a ton of fresh vegetables. Tempeh is a healthy, high in fiber, and probiotic option … Read more

Is Tempeh Good For You?

"cubed tempeh" by Stacy Spensley is licensed under CC BY 2.0

As veganism grows in popularity, meat substitutes that provide adequate levels of protein and an equally satiating flavor have surged in popularity as well. This has opened a market for plenty of meat-replicating substitutes such as Beyond Meat or Impossible Foods. However, the best substitutes for meat do not necessarily need to replicate its attributes. … Read more

Tempeh vs. Tofu: Which Is Healthier?

tempeh vs tofu

Finding a meat alternative with ample protein and flavor is quite a challenge for anyone focused on a plant-based diet. Tempeh and Tofu are two of the most popular meat alternatives.  Both Tempeh and Tofu are excellent alternatives to meat in your diet. They provide you with the protein and fibers that your body needs. … Read more

Should You Marinade Tempeh?

tempeh marinade

On its own, tempeh is a bland, fermented soy cake. Sounds yummy, right? But add a marinade, and tempeh is a delicious, plant-based meat alternative. The right marinade will infuse the tempeh full of flavors, making it the star of your dish. Tempeh marinades are similar to a sauce, but instead of putting them on … Read more

Tempeh Bacon: Taste, Preparation & Recipe

tempeh bacon

Eating vegan, vegetarian, or healthy meals doesn’t mean that you have to give up your appetite or favorite foods. In reality, recipes that require meat substitutes are easily created and found. Tempeh bacon is an excellent example of this and one of the more popular foods.   Tempeh bacon is made of Tempeh, a soy-based meat … Read more

Tempeh Starter: A Helpful Illustrated Guide

tempeh starter

Fermented products, such as tempeh, require a starter to initiate the chemical process that breaks down molecules. Without a proper starter, micro-organisms may corrupt the food making it uneatable or even, in some cases, poisonous. We’ll take a look at what fermentation is and how to make your tempeh starter.  Tempeh starter is created by … Read more