How to Make Kefir Cheese

If you love to make milk kefir, you’re already well on your way to making homemade kefir cheese. Kefir cheese tastes bright and tangy and has tons of uses. The best part is – if you have milk kefir then you’re already halfway there to making delicious homemade kefir cheese! Further reading: Is Kefir Lactose … Read more

Making Your Own Water Kefir

What is Water Kefir? Water kefir is a fermented beverage made by combing sugar, water, and kefir grains. The resulting refreshing drink is rich with healthy gut microbes, not to mention a pleasant zippy flavor! I love making water kefir because the ingredient list is so simple – you just need water kefir grains, water, … Read more

Is Kefir Good For Upset Stomach?

Not only is kefir one of the most delicious fermented drinks, it also can yield some surprising health benefits. When I first started drinking kefir I experienced some great improvements in my overall well-being. Here’s what kefir can do for you: Drinking naturally fermented kefir can help with upset stomach and other digestive-related maladies. Thanks … Read more

Is Kefir Lactose Free?

Kefir is one of the most delicious homemade drinks which I have been enjoying over the past years. However, you may wonder whether kefir actually still contains some lactose that’s leftover from the milk. I wasn’t sure either so I did some research and here is what I found: Kefir is nearly lactose-free. The bacteria … Read more

Do Kefir Grains Float?

do kefir grains float

I remember the first times I made kefir I’d check in on my grains every few hours to see if anything had happened. To my surprise the grains started floating to the top after just a couple hours and I wondered if I’d done something wrong. Do kefir grains float? Milk kefir grains naturally float … Read more

Does Kefir Have Alcohol?

does kefir have alcohol

I recently set up a new batch of kefir and it got me thinking about the alcohol that is produced during fermentation. I had read articles about the alcohol in kombucha but never heard anything about kefir. So, I did some research. Does kefir have alcohol? Kefir can have an alcohol content of 0.05-0.5%. The … Read more