Kombucha vs Kvass Key Differences & Benefits

Which is better for you – kombucha or kvass? Both of these drinks have probiotic benefits, but they also have some key differences. Let’s take a closer look at each one to see which might provide you with more benefits. What Is Kombucha, And What Is Kvass Kombucha is a probiotic-rich fermented drink that has … Read more

Kombucha vs Apple Cider Vinegar: Which is best for you? Key Differences & Similarities

Kombucha vs Apple Cider Vinegar

After extensive research, we have gathered the ultimate Kombucha vs Apple Cider Vinegar guide in which we will highlight the differences between Kombucha and Apple Cider Vinegar to help you decide which one best suits your unique needs! In order to understand the differences between Kombucha and Apple Cider Vinegar, we first need to talk … Read more

Kombucha on Tap: Benefits, Alcohol Content & Costs

kombucha on tap

With kombucha becoming more common within the food and restaurant industry, a move towards serving the drink on tap is seeing increasing popularity.  Kombucha on tap works through draft and forced carbonation technology. Serving and storing kombucha by means of a keg on tap has a number of positive benefits, such as a lessened environmental … Read more

Kombucha Kits: Top 5, Costs & Features

kombucha kits

While kombucha has been around for centuries, the drink has been widely popularized in the 1990s. Since then, the industry has only grown and consumers’ passion for the drink has led to many choosing to homebrew.  Kombucha kits are a set of equipment and ingredients sold together that make home brewing and production of kombucha … Read more